The sun unleashes an X class solar flare on Sep. 10, 2014

Part of the sun on Sep. 10, 2014

Sunspot AR2158 unleashed an X1.6 class solar flare today. The pic above was created from four separate photogenic frames at different times from the video below and look at the area around sunspot AR2158. Earth is used as a scale. The pic looks at the sun in the 304, 171, 131, and 335 Angstrom wavelengths of light.

Here’s a video of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that the sun unleashed right after the X class solar flare.

Here’s a composite image of the sun just before the X class solar flare reached its maximum intensity level.

Composite image of the sun on Sep. 10, 2014

Photo credits: NASA/SDO

LIVE: Lunar transit on July 26, 2014

Link to the 1080p HD video:

Edit: The lunar transit is over. A video will be posted soon.

Today, between 10:57-11:42 a.m. EDT, you will be able to see a brief lunar transit via NASA’s SDO. The lunar transit is not visible anywhere on Earth except from the perspective of SDO. The moon will cover a small portion near the sun’s southwestern limb.

You can watch the lunar transit as it happens in the SDO images below.